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Automating the Tedious Tasks

Let us handle the heavy lifting by automating the boring stuff – from printing delivery labels to efficient stock management.

Reduce Work Load & Improve Customer Experience

Elevate your business effortlessly with our services – designed to lighten your workload and enhance customer retention and experience. Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most: growing and ensuring a positive experience for your customers.

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API Integration


We specialise in helping companies streamline their digital operations by automating web functions and implementing robust APIs. Our solutions enable businesses to create dynamic solutions for their unique needs.

API integration allows different software systems to communicate with each other. For businesses, this means being able to seamlessly connect services and data across various platforms.

For online stores, API integration can automate processes like stock updates, price adjustments, and order fulfillment, leading to more efficient operations.

Web automation involves using software to perform repetitive tasks or processes on a website that would otherwise be done manually. This can include anything from data entry to complex actions like managing inventory or processing orders.

Dynamic content refers to web content that changes based on user behavior, preferences, or real-time data. Implementing dynamic content on your website can lead to higher user engagement by providing a personalised experience.

It can also ensure that the content displayed is current and relevant, which improves user satisfaction.

Absolutely. Automation can significantly streamline the shipping process by automatically generating and printing shipping labels, tracking shipments, and updating customers with real-time statuses.

This reduces the workload on staff and increases the accuracy and speed of shipping operations.

APIs are very secure, as long as they are implemented and created correctly.

To ensure protection of sensitive information, APIs use data encryption methods as well other security measures.

APIs not only speed up processes for your customer, they also help them make informed buying decisions by showing them the latest information.

For example, by integrating a payment gateway API as well a social media API, this makes buying much faster, as well as the customer being able to interact with the business.

Yes, our web automation and API integration solutions are designed to scale with your business.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs and can grow as your business expands.

Yes, the goal of APIs is to be flexible and customisable to each individual business.

When working with Bastion, we ensure the API fits your exact business needs.

For example, Esteem Homes, our client has a custom API that integrates with Rightmove, Zoopla and other leading property portals. This fetches the latest property information to display accurately on their website.

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