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"Highly recommend"

Highly recommend Bastion Tech for any website needs. They provided everything I asked for and much more.

Bradley - Esteem Homes

"Quality service"

Quality service, great work on the site.

Marc - TopTurf

"Delivered the most incredible website"

Max and Callum have delivered the most incredible website for my business. They have been so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process.

Gemma - Blossom Rose Studio

"Brilliant website"

Callum did a brilliant website for me with everything I needed.

John - Lake District Mortgages

"Faster than I expected"

A really detailed website done much faster than I expected.

Hannah - Sharples Lettings

Couldn't fault them

Always spot on, couldnt fault them or their work.

Ozzy - MrInternational

Re-Building & Growing Esteem Homes

400% Increase in Traffic

As Esteem Homes recently built new developments, they wanted to target people in North West England. By focusing on the 25-60 age group in Northern England, we efficiently directed ad spend towards potential homebuyers. 

Achieving a 600% increase in traffic within a three-month Google Ads PPC campaign involved precise targeting, compelling ad content, and ongoing optimisation. 

Continuous monitoring and optimisation were key to maintaining momentum. By closely tracking performance metrics and making data-driven adjustments to the ad campaign and landing pages, we maximised the impact of each marketing pound spent.

Complete Website Redesign

We completed a full website redesign for Esteem Homes, focusing on improving user experience and optimising the site for both desktop and mobile platforms. Resulting in a 3.8x increase in user engagement time (59 to 220 seconds).

This overhaul included developing illustrative site maps to improve interactivity and help property visualisation. We prioritised optimising the user interface to ensure a seamless browsing experience, emphasising visual appeal and intuitive design elements.

One big aspect of the redesign was addressing issues with the mobile site, fixing any functionality issues and ensuring compatibility across all devices. By implementing responsive design principles and page speed optimisation, we enhanced accessibility and usability for mobile users.

100% Hands Off Service

Our service for Esteem Homes was completely hands-off for them, allowing them to focus on their core business while we managed all aspects of their online presence. We took care of everything technical, from building the website to writing all the content. 

We wrote custom content for each page, as well as articles related to new build homes, ensuring that Esteem Homes’ website ranked well in search engine results and attracted organic traffic.

Our team handled photography and created all the images used on the site, showcasing Esteem Homes’ properties in the best possible light. Leveraging our custom-made site maps, we created interactive plans to enhance user experience and make visualising the properties easy.

Esteem Homes could trust us to manage every aspect of their online presence, from content creation to technical optimisation, allowing them to reap the benefits of a professionally managed website without any hands-on involvement.

Over 290,000 Views in 3 Months

With new developments in Cumbria, Esteem wanted a targeted three-month campaign to showcase their new developments to as many people in Cumbria as possible. 

We successfully generated 290,694 views for Esteem Homes, focusing on reaching users within close proximity to their newly built properties. 

Through strategic ad placement and precise audience targeting, we maximised visibility among potential homebuyers in Cumbria. By leveraging our location-based capabilities and refining our target audience, we ensured that Esteem Homes’ ads reached the right people at the right time, driving relevant traffic and engagement. 

This campaign not only increased brand awareness but also provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of local targeting strategies for Esteem Homes’ marketing efforts.

We specialise in crafting user-friendly, professional, and visually appealing websites that seamlessly adapt to all devices, ensuring a responsive and consistent experience, whether on desktops, tablets, or mobiles.

Our commitment to excellence extends to creating intuitive designs that not only enhance usability but also elevate the overall aesthetic of your online presence. Trust us to deliver websites that not only meet but exceed expectations, providing a polished and accessible interface for your audience across various devices.

Whether you’re a small business or a thriving corporation, we proudly host all our websites in the UK, ensuring optimal SEO benefits for UK-based companies. You can even get a free email account ending in your domain name.

Our hosting costs are adaptable, catering to your specific needs and chosen package. Experience peace of mind with our fully managed hosting, available on either virtual private servers or dedicated servers, ensuring seamless performance and reliability for your online presence.

Our websites are crafted with a dual focus on technical and on-page SEO excellence, ensuring optimal visibility and performance. We meticulously implement technical SEO elements, enhancing site speed, mobile responsiveness, and indexing efficiency.

Simultaneously, our on-page SEO techniques, coupled with strategic keyword optimisation, fine-tune individual pages to align with industry-specific search queries. With Bastion Tech, businesses experience improved search rankings, enhanced user experiences, and targeted traffic drawn by strategic keyword optimisation.

Our custom approach includes combining email marketing, precise pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and organic traffic generation through social media engagement and optimised content creation.

We design personalised email marketing communications that resonate with your audience, driving engagement and conversions, aimed at retaining and growing customers. 

With PPC, we fine-tune every ad to cut through market noise, targeting specific demographics with high precision to maximise ROI. 

For organic growth, we create custom social media strategies to amplify your brand’s presence and foster genuine connections with your audience. While, our content creation is optimised not only for SEO but also for relevance and engagement, establishing your brand in your industry.

Our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional websites; we provide a dedicated and friendly technical support team that is always ready to assist. Our clients can reach out to us with confidence, knowing that a supportive team is at their service.

Whether it’s troubleshooting, addressing inquiries, or seeking guidance, we prioritise responsiveness and expertise to ensure our customers receive the assistance they need promptly.