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Our client’s turfing business was a new venture and their objective was to establish a strong online presence and facilitate ongoing growth. We knew that this would require more than just a functional e-commerce website. 

Despite being against huge competitors with massive resources on an international scale, we overcame several unique challenges in order to unlock Top Turf’s full potential.

Our Solution

API Integration

To create a fully automated backend, we needed a reliable and efficient way to send customer delivery details to the courier.
So, we reached out to several supply chain experts, including TPN, and worked closely with them to integrate their API into Top Turf’s website. By fully integrating their API, we were able to seamlessly send all customer delivery information to the courier, making the store management completely hands off.
Once the courier receives the delivery information from the system, all our client has to do is package his turf and wait for them to pick it up.

eCommerce Website

We discovered that customers were in search of a website offering clear and concise information about turf and its various types, as well as a user-friendly interface to simplify the purchasing process.

With this in mind, we crafted a visually appealing, customer-centric website that was easy to navigate. Our product catalog is well-organised, featuring images and detailed descriptions of each turf variety. Additionally, we made sure the site was mobile-friendly and optimised for search engines to draw in more customers.

To deliver a seamless shopping experience, we incorporated a range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. We’ve also taken measures to secure customer information by using SSL encryption and partnering with reliable payment gateways.

In order to guarantee a smooth delivery process, we joined forces with a reputable courier partner and integrated their systems into Top Turf’s website. This provides an effortless delivery process for everyone.

In summary, our eCommerce site is designed to offer an easy-to-use, customer-focused, and secure platform that accepts a variety of payment options.

Our goal was to create a hassle-free experience for customers seeking to purchase turf and related products.

Logo and Brand Creation

When it comes to creating a logo and brand identity for TopTurf, simplicity is key.
At Bastion Tech, we understand that a clean, minimalistic design is the most effective way to communicate the quality and professionalism of TopTurf’s products and services.

The new brand identity created by Bastion Tech has been instrumental in helping TopTurf communicate their quality and professionalism to customers. The memorable name and modern logo have helped the company stand out in a crowded industry, and the cohesive brand identity has differentiated them from their competitors.

By effectively communicating what the company does and stands for, TopTurf is now well-positioned to continue providing high-quality turf products and services to customers for years to come.

Content Creation

Content creation is crucial for driving traffic to your website and providing customers with the information they need.
Bastion Tech recognised the importance of content creation and took action by developing a Turf Wiki, an extensive resource that provides customers with all the information they need to know about.
To make the content more personal and build trust with customers, TopTurf took custom photos to showcase their products and services. The custom photos used in the Turf Wiki and throughout the website help to build trust with customers by showcasing TopTurf’s expertise and attention to detail.
The Turf Wiki contains articles and guides covering a wide range of topics related to turf, from how to install it to the different types of turf available. By providing valuable information to customers, the Turf Wiki has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in turf, driving traffic to TopTurf’s website and increasing customer engagement.
In addition to the Turf Wiki, TopTurf has also created many areas of objection handling, which answer common questions and concerns that customers have. By addressing these issues upfront, TopTurf is able to build trust with customers and demonstrate their expertise in the turf industry.
The combination of high-quality content, custom photos, and objection handling has been very successful in converting potential customers into loyal ones and has helped TopTurf establish itself as a leader in the industry.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Simply filling a page with words is not enough. Content needs to be informative, easy to read, and based around a keyword strategy that’s tailored to your website’s authority.

As TopTurf is a new website, Bastion had to create a keyword strategy that focused on getting large amounts of low difficulty words, which had meaningful traffic and targeted users with the intent to buy.
This approach helped TopTurf to quickly establish an online presence and attract relevant traffic to their website.
To achieve this, Bastion conducted thorough keyword research, analysing which search terms and phrases potential customers were using to find products and services related to turf. Based on this research, they were able to identify low competition keywords with high search volumes and user intent. By focusing on these keywords, TopTurf was able to quickly rank for relevant search terms and attract high-intent traffic to their site. This helped to drive more conversions and establish Top Turf as a leading provider of turf products and services.
Overall, creating a keyword strategy focused on low difficulty, high-traffic keywords helped Top Turf to quickly establish an online presence and attract the right customers to their site.

Project Timeline

Completion Time – 8 weeks

Business Category


Target Audience


Garden Enthusiasts

Commerical Landscapers

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Brand Creation

From concept to the top of its niche, we worked closely with our client to develop a brand that not only encompasses their vision, but also appeals to their target audience.

Responsive eCommerce Website

A key element to success in eCommerce is accessibility, so we developed a website to allow any customer on any device to easily navigate TopTurf.

High Organic Ranking

As TopTurf was a completely brand new site, our team had their work cut out for them getting TopTurf to the top of its niche. After crafting curated content and optimising for key search phrases, TopTurf quickly rose high in the rankings.

Top of Local SERP

As our client was a business operating in Cumbria, wanting to target local people, we designed TopTurf with our focus to achieve this. By leveraging local directories and optimising their business profile, they quickly gained traction within Cumbria.

Automatic Delivery System

Simplicity and automation of their systems was a key focus point of our client. In order to achieve this, we automated all orders from their website and sent the delivery information to their courier so they knew what was being picked up and when, without any manual input.