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John Sharples Lettings

John Sharples Lettings, a reputable lettings agency based in Dalton, has earned a commendable reputation for providing fully managed services at highly competitive rates. This agency, known for its professionalism and comprehensive approach to property management, has become a go-to for both property owners and tenants seeking reliable rental solutions.

Our collaboration with Sharples Lettings was driven by their primary goal of optimising their website to display properties in a simple and readable fashion. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, we crafted a substantial website spanning over 30 pages. This comprehensive platform not only showcased the full spectrum of Sharples Lettings’ services but also successfully encapsulated the agency’s professionalism and dedication to property management. The result is an online space where clients can easily access the latest property listings, manage their properties seamlessly, and effortlessly get in touch with the agency.

Services Provided


1. Outrank Local Competitors

With many established local letting agents, we needed to ensure Sharples Lettings rose to the top of the local SERP.

2. Quickly Develop Online Brand

With no previous website and limited activity online, we needed to make sure we developed a site that both landlords and tenants could trust.

3. Easily Display All Services & Information

The key to a successful lettings website, is its ability to display information for both landlords and tenants.

4. Specific Customer Targeting

Sharples’ main goal was to attract more landlords. Not only did we need to rank for key phrases that landlords would search, but also show Sharples’ key services in a readable, comprehensive and easy to find way.

Our Solutions

1. Local SEO Strategy

  • By creating a substantial number of pages, each with unique and tailored content, we optimised for local geographical locations. This approach ensured that Sharples Lettings would not only rank prominently in local search engine results but also stand out as a relevant and authoritative source for property-related queries.

2. Establish Online Presence

  • Through a clean and professional design, we instilled confidence in both landlords and tenants. The website served not only as an informative resource but also as a visual representation of Sharples Lettings’ commitment to professionalism and dedication to property management.

3. In Depth Content Structure

  • With an intuitive and user-friendly design, the platform ensured easy navigation for both landlords and tenants.
  • With over 30 pages of information, we categorised and presented the content in a comprehensive manner so that both the landlords and tenants found the information they needed.

4. Keyword Optimisation

  • With the need to attract more landlords, our strategy involved not only optimising for key phrases relevant to landlords but also emphasising Sharples Lettings’ key services prominently.
  • This targeted approach not only contributed to improved search rankings but also effectively captured the attention of the specific customer base Sharples Lettings aimed to attract.

Project Timeline

– Project Completion: 2 weeks

Business Category

– Lettings Agent

– Landlord Services & Rental Homes

Target Audience

  • Landlords
  • Contractors
  • Small Families
  • Young Couples
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Professional Website Design

By meticulously structuring the website with an intuitive and user-friendly design, Sharples Lettings achieved the efficient display of all services and information.

Ranking Above Competitors in the Local SERP

Through the implementation of an extensive content strategy focusing on local geographical locations and unique services, Sharples Lettings successfully rose to the top of local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), surpassing established local competitors.

Improved Brand Recognition

Our solution of crafting a trustworthy and professional website enabled Sharples Lettings to swiftly establish a credible online presence, building a foundation of trust with both landlords and tenants, despite having no prior website or significant online activity.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Through the implementation of a responsive and user-centric design, Sharples Lettings experienced heightened customer satisfaction. The website’s enhanced accessibility and organised information flow provided both landlords and tenants with a seamless and satisfying online experience, contributing to positive interactions and client engagement.

Self-Managed Website

We established a self-managed website and conducted comprehensive training sessions for Sharples’ staff. This not only provided the agency with control over content updates but also equipped their team with the skills to navigate and maintain the website efficiently, ensuring long-term sustainability and adaptability.