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Blossom Rose Studio

Blossom Rose Studio, an emerging florist based in Askam-in-Furness, approached us for a swift and captivating website. Specialising in custom wreaths, bouquets, and workshops, Blossom Rose Studio’s main objectives were centred on the design of their website. 

Additionally, we provided critical technical services, including web hosting, Instagram API Feed integration, domain migration, and email hosting, to ensure a seamless online presence.

Services Provided


Design Elegance

The need for a visually appealing website that captured the artistry of Blossom Rose Studio’s floral creations.

Technical Complexity

The integration of essential technical services like SSL, domain migration, and email hosting to ensure website security and functionality. 

Quick Turnaround

Meeting the client’s request for a swift project completion. 

Instagram Feed Integration

Meeting the client’s request to feature her Instagram feed automatically on the website.

Our Solutions

Captivating Website Design

We crafted a captivating and elegant website design that showcased the artistry of Blossom Rose Studio’s floral creations. The design incorporated visually appealing elements and an intuitive layout for a seamless user experience.

Technical Excellence

Project Timeline

– Project Completion: 3 weeks

Business Category

– Florist

– Flower Workshops & Events

Target Audience

  • Flower Enthusiasts
  • Event Planners
  • Workshop Participants
  • Business Owners
  • Weddings & Funerals
blossom rose studio workshop


Responsive & Intuitive Design

In order to accurately represent the beauty of our client’s floral designs, we had to ensure the website itself captured those very unique and personalised aspects.

Simple & Effective Technical Services

As this was a fully new experience for our client, we provided technical support and advice, covering email hosting, web hosting, security and email forwarding.

Built with Expansion in Mind

Our client wanted a quick website produced to showcase her services and products, however she knew there would be a future need for eCommerce. 

With this in mind, we built the website at a scale and on a platform to allow this future growth.